There’s no time like the present to consider how a connected world affects your business

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“Cathy’s role as executive advisor helped the ADEX leadership team more fully understand the software options and ROI….”

Tim Murphy, CEO ADEX International

Scoring your Business

Understanding where you stand against your competition is critical to your success.

  • Conduct IoT Self Assessment
  • Create a baseline for IoT readiness
  • Perform Competitive Analysis
  • Build Personalized Scorecard

Understanding the Gaps

Looking inside your walls, we help you understand how prepared you are for the future.

  • Conduct In-depth internal interviews
  • Assess product roadmaps for gaps
  • Review talent for skills gaps
  • Structure the business case

Building for the Future

Equipping you with new ways of thinking and approaching IoT with breakthrough ideas and products.

  • Introduce and conduct Design Thinking workshops
  • Build roadmap to chart the course
  • Establish targets for product introduction

The Internet of Things is complex

Learn To Use It To Your Advantage

The first step is to understand how you can take advantage of the internet of things.  Get a FREE self-assessment to get started.

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